Club Competitive Rowing (up to 8 times per week)

The Club Competitive programs are aimed at Juniors, Seniors and Masters who wish to train and race regularly. These programs have dedicated coaches who will develop skills and fitness, support your own growth and find the best fit in terms of boats and crewmates

With a range of competitions within and beyond Canada, you will have the chance to set your personal goals with the coach on how much you want to train, which races are appropriate and what you can achieve with the coaching time of your program.

Early Season Competitive Races may include – Icebreaker, CSSRAs, Eastern Rowing Championships (Que), Nova Scotia Sprints, Henley Masters (Ont) , Henley Royal Regatta. Late Season Competitive Races may include Red Island Regatta (PEI), Northwest Arm (NS), Atlantics (NB), Small Boats Head, Head of 4 Bridges (NB), Really Chili (NS)

Schedules will be agreed with your respective coaches but generally competitive Juniors (U19) and seniors (19+) should expect to do 3 to 4 early mornings plus couple of evenings and weekends. Competitive Masters (25+) will have options of some weekday 8ams and 6pms plus weekend rows.
Start and End DatesScheduleCost
Competitive Rowing - 2nd May to 2nd Nov (26 weeks)TBA$750
Early Season Competitive Rowing - 7th May to 12th Aug (14 Weeks)TBA$475
Late Season Competitive Rowing - 23rd July to 28th Oct (14 weeks)TBA$475

All advertised costs include Rowing Canada Fees ($20), RNBA fees ($5) and FRC Safety fee ($20)