Adult Beginner/Learn to Row

The adult Learn to Rows are 4 sessions per week and run over a 4 week period ending with a fun club regatta. Participants who continue will join a novice program to continue their skill development before progressing into either recreational rowing program (3 times per week) or a competitive program (4-5 times per week)
Start DatesScheduleCost
LTR1 - 21st May (Club race Saturday, 16th June)Monday, Thursday (5:30 pm) & Saturday, Sunday (10:00 am)$200
LTR2 - Tuesday, 26th June (Club race Sunday, 22nd July)Tuesday, Friday (5.30pm) & Saturday, Sunday (10am)$200
LTR3 - Monday, 7th August (Club race Saturday, 1st September)Monday, Thursday (5.30pm) & Saturday, Sunday (10am)$200

All advertised costs include Rowing Canada Fees ($20), RNBA fees ($5) and FRC Safety fee ($20)