Adult Novice

The adult novice program will be a natural continuation of your respective learn to row program, – ie same days and times of the week plus the opportunity to enter local races and get in crews to race out of Province.

Start Dates will the Monday following the last day of each Adult Learn to Row programs. (see Adult Beginner/Learn to Row) Participants will be able to pursue either a recreational rowing focus or look to take part in some more competitive events locally and/or out of province as part of a crew
Start and End DatesScheduleCost
LTR1 Graduates - 18th June to 28th Oct (19 weeks)Monday, Thursday (5:30 pm) & Saturday, Sunday (10:00 am)$500
LTR2 Graduates - 23rd July to 28th Oct (14 weeks)Tuesday, Friday (5.30pm) & Saturday, Sunday (10am)$350
LTR3 Graduates - 3rd Sept to 28th Oct (8 weeks)Monday, Thursday (5.30pm) & Saturday, Sunday (10am)$200

All advertised costs include Rowing Canada Fees ($20), RNBA fees ($5) and FRC Safety fee ($20)