About Us

The Fredericton Rowing Club (FRC) is situated along the banks of the beautiful St. John River, in the heart Fredericton. The club is a community2013HO4BMedalWinners organization and anyone can become a member. If you are looking for a physical activity and want to try rowing, we offer a variety of programs to meet your needs. We have beginner programs for people of all ages (13 and over) who want to learn how to row as an alternate form of exercise or just want to try something new.

We also have programs for experienced rowers that are suited for recreational rowers or those that are interested in the more high-performance training . Whether you are just looking to keep fit or want to train for local, regional or national regattas, we have something to offer. Whatever your goal, rowing is an excellent way to keep fit for life with the benefit of having a stunning, long river to row.

Interested in rowing? Contact us and we’ll make it happen.