Fredericton Squad’s New Quad!

Just recently, after many hours of fundraising and hard work, the Fredericton Rowing Club is proud to announce its acquisition of a new 2016 Hudson Quad! The latest version in its production line, this new boat will be in good hands over the years to come in its new home, overlooking the Saint John River in our province’s capital.


Acquired just recently, the new quad has already met the water. Fredericton athletes have had the chance to let it run on the river several times, yet it’s official name has remained undefined. Destined for an exciting racing debut at the 2017 Canada Summer Games, where it will serve the New Brunswick Men’s and Women’s quad and 4+ on their race for the podium, Fredericton’s new quad will undergo it’s official naming ceremony this Wednesday July 19th.


The ceremony will kick off at 5:30pm at the Fredericton Rowing Club. FRC athletes, coaching staff, and members will all be present. The 2017 Canada Games Crew will also be attending (this will be the second Games for 4 out of the 12 athletes). Many special guests will partake, including invitees such as our Minister Hon. Jon Ames, Mayor Mike O’Brien, MP Matt DeCourcey, Sport NB and GNB Staff, the RNBA Board (John, Cath, Donna, Aaron, and Cyril), ex-presidents and ex-athletes, parents, and the High Performance Training Staff that has been coordinating and guiding FRC athletes for the past year.


The ceremony will ultimately wrap up around 6:45pm and the new quad will have been officially named. All are welcome in witnessing this achievement of Fredericton’s local club. This newest addition to the fleet is a great milestone for its crews and for its elite athletes’ further racing potential. The club’s extensive history has proven that every boat creates stories and opens doors, and this will definitely be one to remember in the years to come.