Rowing NB Georgia Camp 2017

Row NB Georgia Camp 2017Rowers from New Brunswick returned to Georgia and the site of the 1996 Olympic Games Training Facility during the March break for some time on the “water”. This year’s camp focused on preparations for the Provincial Canada Games Team hopefuls, while enjoying ideal conditions for rowing!

Rowing NB’s High Performance Coach Chantelle Hanley sums up the camp:

My quote of the camp  “Gainesville!!!”

We have been making great progress in the weight room and on the ergs.  We came to Richard B Russell State Park to make gains on the water and it was achieved.  Technique, timing and performance were all improved from session to session. The most positive group of athletes and volunteers I have ever had on a camp.  I would have stayed all winter!!

Really want to thank Peter S, Daniel S, and Mike H for driving the trailer down and back because that is a HUGE task.  Jayne’s massive meals kept everyone happy — and that is hard to do with 22 hungry rowers twice a day!!  I know Jeff, Mike, Jason and Declan helped everyday as well. The snacks ,the food prep, the clean up, rides back and forth, first aid, etc etc etc. As the coach. I never had to worry about the rest of that  “stuff” getting done so Nathan and I could really focus on the athletes and the rowing.

“When you start doubting yourself, remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome” — unknown source

Thanks to everyone for supporting Rowing in New Brunswick and our Canada Games team!