Crews set for Head of 4 Bridges

2016ho4bCrews are set for Atlantic Canada’s premiere headrace taking place this Saturday, October 1st on the St. John River. This year’s Head of Four Bridges Regatta will feature 114 rowers from around the Maritimes including eight clubs and universities. Crews of all sizes and levels of experience will be competing with university crews getting their first taste of competition for the season.

As in previous year’s, there will be three flights of races including a 4K and two 2K races. The first race will begin at 7:45 a.m. from the Princess Margaret Bridge while the other two begin from the walking bridge with all races finishing in front of the Fredericton Rowing Club. This is a true spectator sport with races taking place in a head-race style, with a staggered start and chase-racing.

Boats will be started at 20-second intervals so every boat is chasing another boat and at the same time being pursued by another boat which makes for an exciting day of racing. The best viewing spots for the event would include the walking bridge and City of Fredericton pedway.

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