Multiple medals for FRC at Head of 4 Bridges

2014 Head of 4 Bridges

2014 Head of 4 Bridges

The Fredericton Rowing Club captured multiple medals including two each from Joe Chamberlain, Dana Durnford and Jen Clarke at the Head of 4 Bridges Regatta held Saturday on the St. John River. More than 115 athletes from around the Maritimes and Maine competed as well as five universities including UNB and St. Thomas University.

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The following are results from the three flights:

Flight 1 – 4KM

Ned Flint MM1X Maine
Logan LeFort MMRC JrA 1Mx
Joe Chamberlain FRC U23 1MX

Dana Durnford and Jen Clarke FRC JrB W2X
Amber Oke MMRC Mw 1X
Barb Dugas FRC MW 1X


Flight 2 – 2KM

Alex Robichaud and Joe Chamberlain UNB U23 M2X
Matt Cormier StFX U23 LM1X
Nick Walker KRC JrA M2X

Mary McLennan and Catherine McLennan UNB JrA W2-
Anna Seviour StFX U23 LW2X
Emily Chedrawe Dal U23W8+

Lumina Kitaura and Kiera Pugh FRC JrBW2x
Ava Hicks, Lucy Black, Lauren Morehouse and Kristin Fillion FRC JrB W4X


Flight 3 – 2KM

Logan Lefort MMRC JrAM1x
Ned Flint Maine MM1X
Matt Cormier StFX U23LM1x

Amber Oke MMRC MW1X
Dana Durnford and Jen Clarke FRC JrBW2-